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Jenkins daily build

We're pleased to announce that we have published our Jenkins daily build status.

You can see the daily build status at

To Download the latest stable build, please go to:

OpenRate V1.5.2.x Released

OpenRate V1.5.2.x introduces some important enhancements to OpenRate:

CVS Repository Moved

As part of keeping the site up to date and ordered, the CVS repository has been moved.

The new location is:

:pserver:[email protected]:/data/cvs



If  you would like to contribute to the project, please request a read/write cvs login.

Note that the CVS repositoy is for releases up to 1.5.1.x and later releases are in the Subversion repository.

Download from Subversion:

ASN Conversion Support

One very popular use of OpenRate is to convert ASN.1 files into flat files for further processing. This takes full advantage of the transactional processing available in the OpenRate processing framework, and offers an extremely simple and effective method of getting high performance conversion as an integral part of mediation or rating.


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