The Business Model

The OpenRate business model is a commercial open source model based on a small license fee plus additional "opt-in" items, meaning that you can pick and choose from a palette of high-quality services that we offer, but can do so when and if it suits your budget.
We work with end users and resellers or systems integrators, and these two gorups have different licensing strategies.
One of the key elements of the OpenRate business model is to reduce capital and operational expenditure which allows you to focus your precious resources on the things that make a difference to you and your customers: your business model expertise.
With over 15 years experience in the front line of telecommunications projects, you can be sure that the advice you receive will be world class. We can offer to cover any or all of the following areas:

  • What your OpenRate system should do: high level design, feasibility studies, scoping, end to end architecture
  • How your OpenRate system should do it: functional design, technical design
  • Make it do it: implementation, off-site or on-site We will work with you, using either your resources or ours to cover these areas, and can be as flexible as you like and your budget allows.

Once your OpenRate system goes into daily production, you will probably want to take up one of our Service Agreements, which cover you with expert first, second level or third support.


What about support?

Do you offer support as part of your business model?

Of course, support is an integral part of the model

but you can find a full list of services here:

Yes, we have a range of support contracts available.

Please see the support overview for more information.