GPRS Rating/Billing

The GPRS Rating/Billing package is a general purpose data rating package, which supports both real time and batch rating of data services. It can also be used as the basis for "bill shock prevention" systems and general polica management. It consists of:

  • Mediation based on OpenRate
  • Traffic Rating based on OpenRate
  • Billing based on jbilling
  • Invoicing based on jbilling

This Service Offering Pack is one of our most mature and well-established integration, and plays off the strengths of both jbilling and OpenRate to give a robust and powerful system. The main features are:

  • Full source code available for easy customisation and modification
  • Highly modular and extendible
  • High performance mediation, capapble of mediating 5000 records/second over sustained periods of time on minimal hardware
  • High performance traffic rating, capable of rating and loading 200 records/second over long periods of time on minimal hardware
  • Retail/wholesale rating, with margin calculation and margin alarms (should the margin of calls fall below a pre-defined threshold, as well as reconciliation reports for controlling upstream provider invoices
  • Pre-paid usage packs, allowing you to sell "bundles" of time, volume or money
  • Flexible traffic categorisation and aggregation: load and aggregate traffic according to simple rules, easily and quickly definable
  • Full telecommunications rating functionality: rate based on destination, time of day, with tiered or threshold rating models
  • Revenue shares models and reseller commission rating
  • "Friends and family" numbers
  • Daily, weekly or monthly pack durations
  • Easy order entry using the jbilling order GUI


  • GPRS Rating/Billing base package: $995/€795
  • Tailoring service: by agreement, but is usually limited to $1995/€1795

Monthly Lease Pricing:

  • GPRS Rating/Billing base package: $195/€165
  • Tailoring service: by agreement, but is usually limited to $1995/€1795