OpenRate Capability Overview

OpenRate is a flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage events in a telecommunications, utilities or logistics environment. It can be applied to any real time or batch processing environment in which high-performance management of large numbers of events is required.


In the illustration below, we have tried to list the most usual tasks that are performed in the OpenRate engine. Because OpenRate is a framework (and not a rigid "product") it can be difficult to define the scope of what it can do. However, out of the box functionality covers all of the important event mediation and rating tasks that form the backbone of the event processing chain in modern high throughput systems.


If you're looking for a solution accelerator to help you on your way, we have a number of pre-packaged "solution accelerator" packs, which put together most of the components of a ready to run, out of the box software package. Please see Service Offering Packs.


OpenRate is extendible, and that means that even in rare cases where an out of the box function can not be directly used, you can quickly and easily build upon the tried and tested processing stack to reach your destination.

OpenRate is a specialist at one part of the event processing chain, and in the case that you are looking for a complete, integrated "order to cash" system, we usually pair OpenRate with a billing engine, thus giving full end-to-end processing for events: