OpenRate repository moved to github

We've moved the OpenRate source code to GitHub!

We're going to deprecate the Subversion repository, so please update your links. The new location is at:

Please feel free to fork this, but please do contribute back pull requests if you make any changes.


Building OpenRate from GitHub

In order to build OpenRate from the GitHub repository follow these steps:


Clone the Repository

Go to the location you want to build the software in. Then, on the command line:

git clone [email protected]:isparkes/OpenRate.git

this will download the complete OpenRate source code. Now change to the directory "OpenRate" which was created:

cd OpenRate


Build From Source

The OpenRate project uses Maven. If you don't have Maven you will need it. We require Maven 2 or later. The build process will build and test the application. The tests can take some time to run, and it can look sometimes as though things have hung. You should allow 3 minutes for the build process to complete.

If this is the first time you are using Maven, the dependencies could take up to 15 minutes to download.

If it is a lot more than this, please get in touch with us.

To build, type:

mvn install

At the end, you should see:

[INFO] Building jar: /home/ian/temp/OpenRate/target/OpenRate-
[INFO] [install:install {execution: default-install}]
[INFO] Installing /home/ian/temp/OpenRate/target/OpenRate- to /home/ian/.m2/repository/OpenRate/OpenRate/
[INFO] Installing /home/ian/temp/OpenRate/target/OpenRate- to /home/ian/.m2/repository/OpenRate/OpenRate/
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 35 seconds
[INFO] Finished at: Thu Jan 15 14:01:49 CET 2015
[INFO] Final Memory: 45M/588M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tĥis means that the OpenRate core software has been compiled and installed into Maven. You still need to clone and build an application before it will do anything useful.


Clone and Build an very simple Example Project

OpenRate is a framework that is a toolkit. In order to make OpenRate do something useful, you have to have an application. Go back to the location where you cloned OpenRate from, and get a very Simple example application:

git clone [email protected]:isparkes/OpenRateSimple.git

Now change to the directory you cloned into and build the application:

cd OpenRateSimple
mvn install

This will create a zip file containing the application and all of the dependencies.


Running the Simple Project

The easiest way of running the project is to open it in an IDE and run or debug it from there.

If you want to run it from the command line, unzip the zip file "" and then lauch the application (from the location you unzipped to) using:

java -cp ORlib/OpenRate-*:properties:dist/OpenRateSimple-1.0.0.jar OpenRate.OpenRate -p

You should see that the OpenRate application starts and runs. It is waiting for a file to process.

Change to the directory "Data/Simple" and unzip one of the example input data files "testpipeline_simple_12.edr.gz" (10 input records) or "testpipeline_simple_11.edr.gz" (327682 input records).

The processing processes the file, doing a longest prefix match on each of the input records and writing an enriched output file. A diagnostic file (".dump") shows you what has happened.