OpenRate V1.5.2.x Released

OpenRate V1.5.2.x introduces some important enhancements to OpenRate:

  • Mavenised: OpenRate is now built on the basis of Apache Maven, meaning that it is easier to build "out of the box", and can be integrated with a Continuous Integration (CI) tool. We use Jenkins, but there are plenty of others.
  • JMS Integration: OpenRate now has native adapters for reading and writing to JMS (Apache MQ) queues, topics and durable topics.
  • Apache Cassandra: OpenRate now has native integration with Apache Cassandra, meaning that you can use this fantastic NoSQL data store.
  • Better Exception Handling: Exception Handlers have been retaionalised, and exception handling unified.
  • Better Logging: Loggers have been centralised, and the access methods changed to make sure thatwe don't getter "logger sprawl" like we used to.
  • Better Unit Tests: Expansion of the rather poor unit testing that was included previously. There is still a long way to go to completely finish the unit tests, but each time we touch something we now add a unit test for it.
  • Subversion: As part of the change to a CI environment, we have moved over to Subversion instead of CVS. This allows easier handling of branches and tags.

Download from Subversion:

Release Package Coming Soon!