Training Services

An integral part of what we do is to help you be productive with OpenRate. This means not only getting to know the basics, but also learning what the capabilities are, and how they can be best used. This section is intended for people who want to make the most of the OpenRate platform, and learn to make the most of it's extensive and rich feature set.


Our training services therefore cover the following:

  • Mediation and Rating fundamentals with the OpenRate Engine.
  • Advanced Rating, Pricing and Discounting
  • Integration with other packages
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Developer training and OpenRate extension

We offer the following training courses:

  • OpenRate Architecture and essentials for programmers (On site)
  • OpenRate tariff configuration (On site)
  • OpenRate Operational Maintenance (On site)
  • jbilling Architecture and essentials for programmers (On site)  


Please contact us for more information.