Welcome to OpenRate

Welcome to OpenRate!
OpenRate is a Commercial Open Source rating, mediation and data manipulation platform which has been created for use in telecommunications and utilities environments. Currently we are offering a stable and mature stand alone package for performing high speed (5000 events/second) rating of usage events.
OpenRate is an innovate approach to the problem of high performance rating and file manipulation. Whereas traditional products in this field have tended to be "closed source" products which aimed to lock-in and restrict customers, OpenRate offers an easily extensible, highly flexible, commercial open source platform in which the customer has the ability to converse with the architects, designers and programmers at the level of a "peer". This is possible as all the elements and components are completely open source, written in a clear and highly commented language.
Our business model, instead of relying on "locked-in" recurring costs (e.g. obligatory annual maintenance fee), is to offer you value-added services which enhance or supplement your own internal resources. This is not a new business model - Tiger Shore Management Limited has over 10 years experience in offering the self same services to systems integrators and end user organisations for billing systems based on Oracle BRM (formerly Portal Infranet). The software has changed, the business model has not.
OpenRate has the stated objective of reducing your operating costs thus:

  • A fair, open and flexible license strategy. OpenRate is software which you have to license before using it, and this has a minimal license fee associated with it. If you are a Systems Integrator or Reseller you might wish to "white label" or otherwise include OpenRate components in a larger software architecture, and we usually charges a minimal "license waiver" in order to do this.
  • Time to resolution of problems. One of the most frustrating aspects of the traditional software that OpenRate replaces is the opaqueness of the software, and the poor product support that is available to explain the functionality or lack of it. OpenRate aims to give you back the control of the software you have in production environments by opening the code to you, and providing highly expert support, should you need it, when you need it and for as short or long as you need it.
  • Optional innovation. OpenRate provides you with a recommended code tree and a collaborative environment for maintaining the product. You benefit from having the code, and from the innovations that flow into the product as market innovations unfold. There will be no pressure to upgrade just because the version of the product you are using has seen it's second birthday. The architecture that we have put into place allows you to smoothly move with the product evolution, allowing you to choose the correct moment to migrate.
  • Allowing you greater flexibility to cut your application to suit business needs. Too often, you are forced to make your software perform according to your requirements by creating elaborate work-around solutions to trivial problems in order to model certain intricacies of your requirements. OpenRate offers you module templates that may be extended for cases where the functionality is correct or overwritten where it is not. This is where OpenRate manages to leave other platforms behind.
  • Reduction of hardware costs. OpenRate offers an efficiency of 3.5 times that of other rating engines in benchmark tests, that is, it performs the same work on around half of the time, with around half of the CPU utilisation.
  • No third party license fees. OpenRate is an unencumbered product built using only unencumbered components and libraries. There are no special tools that need to be purchased in order to develop OpenRate modules.
  • Expert Support. OpenRate has been built on the experience of individuals who deal every day with millions of records in the largest blue-chip concerns in the world. We offer this support to you through our "Service Agreements", which are available in a number of versions.