We're in the final stages of preparing for Release 1.1

We're wrapping up the final stages of release 1.1 at the moment, ironing out a few last minute problems and updating the Javadoc. We expect to release in the next two weeks or so.
Release 1.1 has some important features:

  • Greatly improved real time support
  • The XML properties file has been changed to use standard XML - this means that standard XML editors and browsers are able to manage the properties now.
  • The real time framework has been expanded a lot, give more stability and robustness.
  • The Javadoc has been improved
  • New cache object: NumberRangeCache, used for managing the allocation of numberical number ranges
  • Performance improvements: The internal management of heavy objects has been moved into a Framework resource (above all the DateConversion module), which means that we do not now have to create these during processing and instead can use singleton instances.