What is OpenRate?

OpenRate is a high performance open source, commercially supported mediation and rating engine for telecommunications, utilities and logistics rating. It is a mature, stable and well tested piece of software, in daily production use at numerous sites. OpenRate is blindingly fast because all data is cached in memory, highly flexible because of the modular construction and can be run on virtually any hardware.


A very high level view of what OpenRate is able to do is presented in the OpenRate Capability Overview, which gives an idea of what the framework is capable of in a single page "cheat sheet" format. A short overview of what the guiding principles behind the OpenRate project is given in the Welcome To OpenRate section.


OpenRate is open source (meaning you can easily read, understand, extend and manage it), and our business model is to provide additional services and modules to speed you up, get you going or keep you going. 

Based on the OpenRate platform, we offer:


In order to help you get around the content here, we have divided the main topics into three sections:


  • Discover OpenRate - helps you make your first steps in understanding what OpenRate is and how it can help you
  • Try OpenRate - download, get to know and use OpenRate
  • Buy OpenRate - the index of the services which we offer to help you make the most of OpenRate