Javadoc Developer Resource Released

In order to improve the quality of the developer documentation, we have released the javadoc documentation for OpenRate.
This doesn't mean that we'll be moving away from the Wiki resource (which we dearly love), instead the two parts of the documentation will be linked together to give an integrated javadoc/wiki reference guide.
The reason behind this is that the OpenRate code base is already very well commented - we're firmly of the opinion that any open source project has  the source code as it's major deliverable, and ragged scrappy code documentation is a reflection of poor code control and management. The Wiki is a fantastic resource for "how to" and additional information, but the task of mainitaining the API in it is thankless, and the results are pretty much always out of date.
We therefore have set the guideline to say:

  • The existing Wiki documentation will be transformed to remove the API reference, instead having a link to the appropriate Javadoc page
  • The Javadoc will include links to the Wiki additional information where applicable.

Using this method we aim to provide higher quality documentation with very little additional effort. We think it's a great plan...