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Jenkins daily build

We're pleased to announce that we have published our Jenkins daily build status.

You can see the daily build status at http://www.open-rate.com:8080/jenkins

To Download the latest stable build, please go to:


OpenRate V1.5.2.x Released

OpenRate V1.5.2.x introduces some important enhancements to OpenRate:

OpenRate Capability Overview

OpenRate is a flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage events in a telecommunications, utilities or logistics environment. It can be applied to any real time or batch processing environment in which high-performance management of large numbers of events is required.


What is OpenRate?

OpenRate is a high performance open source, commercially supported mediation and rating engine for telecommunications, utilities and logistics rating. It is a mature, stable and well tested piece of software, in daily production use at numerous sites. OpenRate is blindingly fast because all data is cached in memory, highly flexible because of the modular construction and can be run on virtually any hardware.


CVS Repository Moved

As part of keeping the site up to date and ordered, the CVS repository has been moved.

The new location is:

:pserver:[email protected]:/data/cvs



If  you would like to contribute to the project, please request a read/write cvs login.

Note that the CVS repositoy is for releases up to 1.5.1.x and later releases are in the Subversion repository.

Download from Subversion:

OpenRate V1.5.1.0 Distribution Package Released

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the OpenRate V1.5.1.0 distribution package!


Fraud Detection Framework

OpenRate offers a highly flexible fraud detection framework that can be easily configured to manage automated fraud detection and notification, at the same time as rating is performed. Since the OpenRate framework is designed as an "always on" system, this means that the fraud window exposure is kept to an absoluite minimum.

OpenRate Configuration GUI

The OpenRate Configuration GUI allows you to easily configure the operation of the system, using a state of the art Seam and Java Server Faces interface. It allows you immediate access to the system's configuration, and if you have the appropriate user rights, you can change the configuration on the fly.


There is also a live demo of the OpenRate Configuration GUI.


Site Registration Spam Attacks

We're being flooded with Account Requests which are fakes, and this is hiding real requests.
If you want to make an account (and are not a spammer) please open a ticket to make sure that we see your request, quoting your requested user name.

CDRTool replacement for Real Time Rating

The CDRTool Replacement package replaces the easy to use, but quite inflexible CDRTool control module from AG-Projects. When you have outgrown what CDRTool can do, either in terms of functionality or performance, then you probably need the CDRTool Replacement Service Offering Pack. It comprises:

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